Developing arctic food culture

Ruokatieto Yhdistys ry is the association that promotes Finnish food culture by communicating food and the food production chain, and by distributing information on the Hyvää Suomesta – Produce of Finland label used as the symbol for Finnish food products.

Ruokavisa, Ruokatieto, Ravitsemus, suositeltavat ruoka-aineet, kuva Jussi Ulkuniemi

Our goal is to raise appreciation and sales of Finnish food, spread food related information and expertise, and strengthen the competitive advantage of the Finnish food production chain. The values that guide our operations are Finnishness, reliability and partnership.

Raise appreciation and sales of Finnish food.

The association has around 240 members embracing all the companies that use the Produce of Finland label along with other organisations representing the Finnish food section. Founded in 1958, the association is based in Tukkutori in Helsinki and has formerly been known as Maatalousalan tiedotuskeskus MAT ry and Finfood – Suomen Ruokatieto ry.


Contact details:
Ruokatieto Yhdistys ry (English: Finfood - Finnish Food Information)
Vanha Talvitie 2 A 16
00580 HELSINKI, Finland
Telephone: +358 40 710 4170

Executive Director:
Tiina Lampisjärvi
Mobile: +358 40 7222 424


Our major channel for food information is It reveals the journey taken by food from field to table, introduces the richness of Finnish food culture, and offers topical food-related news.

Ruokatieto events calendar covers the major national and international events in the food sector. You can order a free summary of the Ruokatieto events calendar sent to your e-mail address.

The food education section includes popular study materials used in schools by teachers and pupils, as well as by consumers with an interest in food. Study materials are available for all levels of education ranging from preschool to university. A package tackling issues such as responsibility and ethical production is the newest release, and still widening in the years 2013 and 2014. Ruokavisa in a nutshell.

The Ruokatieto electronic cookbook celebrates Finnish cuisine, offering some 2 000 tried and tested recipes for everyday use and special occasions.




The Hyvää Suomesta – Produce of Finland label is a designation of origin for Finnish packaged foods. The label is voluntary and may be used by Finnish food industry companies that manufacture their products in Finland using Finnish ingredients. Companies that use the label must be members of the Ruokatieto Yhdistys ry association. Further information can be found at  (coming: in brief in Swedish, English and Russian).





The Taste of Finland concept is employed by restaurants spotlighting Finnish gastronomy and food professionals, promoting the local food culture and the use of seasonal ingredients. Taste of Finland restaurants offer changing menus compiled according to the above principles and the restaurant’s business idea. The concept was launched in Helsinki when the city was European capital of Culture in 2000 and has since spread across Finland. Further information is available at (fi, en, ru, sv).