Ruokavisa in a nutshell

Ruokavisa is food education material that helps students to get familiar with the food production chain. The aim of the material is to make it easier to become a responsible consumer.

Secondary school students and teachers are Ruokavisa’s target group.

Ruokavisa focuses on seven aspects of consumer responsibility: the environment, animal welfare, product safety, well-being at work, nutrition, local well-being and economic responsibility. The emphasis on certain themes varies annually:

2012: the environment, animal welfare
2013: well-being at work, product safety
2014: nutrition
2015: economic responsibility, local well-being
2016: the environment, animal welfare

Ruokavisa provides material for food education on the internet and also a web-based game at In order to participate in the contest, teachers need to register at The three best schools will qualify to the final which will be held in Helsinki. In the final, teams will compete to demonstrate their knowledge about consumer responsibility as well as their practical cooking skills. Their performance will be evaluated as a whole, including planning, practical skills and teamwork skills.

Ruokavisa is based on the core curriculum for basic education and brings many subjects together. Ruokavisa has been created by home economics teachers at Ruokatieto, in cooperation with experts from different fields.


Photo: Teamwork under judge's eyes at the 2015 finals of Ruokavisa. The students represent Lyseonmäen koulu in Heinola, Finland.
Photo credit: Ruokatieto/Tomi Auersalmi 

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